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  • Junior Sublimated Warm-Ups Fit Kit


Junior Sublimated Warm-Ups Fit Kit

$ 50.00

Tapered Leg


Need to size your team before ordering your custom apparel? Then you're in the right place!

So how does this work you ask?

  • Purchase the fit kits you need
  • Keep them for 1 week to size your team
  • We will include a prepaid shipping label for easy return
  • Once received back, we'll refund the $50.00 charge

This kit includes the following:

  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Jacket - Size Small
  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Jacket - Size Medium
  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Jacket - Size Large
  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Jacket - Size XL
  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Pants - Size Small
  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Pants - Size Medium
  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Pants - Size Large
  • Junior (boy's) Warm-Up Pants - Size XL

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