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Dave’s Top Ten Designs 2012-22

Posted: Jan 26 2023

Over the years, our team at TURN HQ has been fortunate enough to be a part of so many amazing projects. At TURN it means a lot to us to have been the chosen apparel provider for each team that we've outfitted over the last 10 years — we are equally proud of every single team design — thus it was incredibly hard for our Founder and Managing Director, David Eaton, to pick his "top 10 designs in the last 10 years". When pressed, David noted the following projects:


  1. Lumberjack | Canada
"We started partnering with Gymnastics Canada in 2017 and have since focused on providing some iconic designs that are true to the Canadian DNA. The oversized lumberjack print has to be my favorite. Designed originally as a fun and surprising podium training singlet, it was chosen by the gymnasts for competition instead."
Canadian "Lumberjack" uniform design.
  1. Dynamo | Michigan, Sam Oldham, London 2012
"The Dynamo design was and still is one of our most iconic. It was the first TURN design to be used in competition at the London Olympics, and 10 years on was used by the University of Michigan. We have a Sam Oldham+Superdry version of it (signed by all the performers present at the ‘Superstars of Gymnastics’ event) hung up on our office wall at TURN HQ.""
Michigan uniform design
Superdry for Sam Oldham uniform
  1. Forward Bear | California
"I had to get one from my alma mater in here! During the school’s contract with Nike, they launched some really fresh new branding which we got to utilize in a really unique way that caught the imagination of many other teams. Sadly the Nike branding only lasted a couple of years before being replaced by Under Armour and the forward-facing bear logo was sadly no more."
Cal bear uniform
  1. Dwinelle | Oklahoma & KTV Straubenhardt
"Front runner as our most iconic design (certainly the most copied by other brands, at least four other brands to date!) It was brought to prominence in the 2017-18 season by the University of Oklahoma, a design created by the team themselves. It went on to be worn by Germany’s top DTL team, KTV Straubenhardt in winning their 7th and 8th national titles."

KTV Straubenhardt uniform
  1. Hardt | Stanford & Fabian Hambüchen
"Stanford University has a very minimalist approach to branding and aesthetics. Clean, classy, and collegiate. In 2019 the team wore our Hardt design, which also includes a subtle contrast campus map graphic on the upper torso. We also had the honor of outfitting German legend Fabian Hambüchen with the Hardt design at the 'Superstars of Gymnastics' event in London."
Stanford uniform
Hambuchen uniform
  1. Connexion | South Africa
"This design brings back so many fantastic memories for me personally, as I was fortunate to coach Ryan Patterson of South Africa at the 2016 Olympic Qualification event in Rio de Janeiro. Ryan qualified — decked out in TURN of course!"
South Africa Olympic uniform
  1. Qualification | USA
"As interim national team uniform providers to USA Gymnastics, we got our chance to outfit Team USA for 4 months – it was a great way to celebrate the start of our 10th year in business and I wanted to use this opportunity to do something loud and unique. Of the three designs we put together, this on is my favorite. It’s gritty and packed with attitude. Peel back the design and you’ll find a modern, navy star pattern layered with white graffiti-spray-styled lines for a surprisingly patriotic design. And what screams USA more than a big USA front and center and the USA flag over the heart?"
USA Qualification uniform
  1. GBR Retro | Sam Oldham
"Sam Oldham got in touch as he had been invited to perform at a really unique event at the historic 1896 Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece. He wanted to see if we could replicate pants with suspenders similar to those used back in the day. Not only did we do that, but we combined it with this iconic retro throwback of a design (complete with vintage British flag) made famous by British Olympic track teams in the mid-1900’s. Sometimes simple can be really beautiful and it is designs like this that show that sometimes less is more."
GBR Retro uniform
  1. Atlanta School of Gymnastics
"The only club appearance on my top 10. This has a lot of significance to me personally. My good friend and global judging superstar, Michael Ashe came out of Atlanta School of Gymnastics, where my club back in England did a club exchange. Mike went on to compete and study at Cal, he got me out to Cal too, and 20 years on we are both still in Berkeley! The design itself features two Atlanta icons – Richard MacDonald’s “The Flair” statue unveiled for the 1996 Olympic Games and the famous swirl pattern found on Coca Cola cans (Coca Cola is headquartered there). One of the early teams that were brave enough to give TURN a try, they’ve kept the same design for 8 years now and counting!"
Atlanta Academy of Gymnastics
  1. Caribbean Grunge | Jamaica
"The Jamaican Gymnastics Federation was only officially formed in 2015, and true to our core principles of supporting the growth of our sport we stepped in to outfit the national team. Jamaican athleticism is almost synonymous for track & field — Usain Bolt being a ntaional treasure. Puma had set the tone for what a Jamaican uniform should look like, so we brought our A-game to create something visually appealing. Unveiled at the World Championships in Glasgow, it caught the eye of the Israeli team who then reached out to us (we’ve sponsored them since), who’s uniforms then caught the eye of the Ukrainian team, who then reached out to us… it’s a small old world gymnastics!"
Jamaica uniform

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