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Turn Challenge: The Century Club

Posted: Mar 01 2015


What is it? Turn’s exclusive Century Club is open to any junior gymnast who can complete 100 or more double leg circles in one attempt. Prove it and you’ll receive a free Century Club tee in honor of your achievement.

Why? The World’s top Pommel Horse routines now average over 40 circles per routine with the FIG promoting difficulty over artistry. It is therefore key to build the strength and endurance at a young age to be able complete such a marathon routine as a senior gymnast. Our Century Club is an incentive to push harder in training and to recognize such a lofty achievement.

How? Gymnasts, coaches, and parents can use our online submission platform found here. A video link of the performance must be included (recommended to add to your youtube or facebook account, or even your team website) as proof 100 circles has been completed. Upon review and confirmation a free Turn Century Club tee will be mailed to the address provided. Still going strong at 100? Keep going! Our Turn Table ranks the top 10 max circle performers. Great Britain's Louis Smith (2x Olympic Pommel Horse medallist) completed 357 mushroom circles as a junior, so get to work!

Rules: A Turn Century Club tee will be mailed at no cost to the entrant who is able to send video evidence of them completing 100 double leg circles on a mushroom in one attempt. The gymnast must be a junior according to FIG rules. Multiple entries per gymnast will be accepted as they bid to make the #1 spot on the Turn Table. Limited to one tee per gymnast. Tees are limited to size and availability, if the requested size is out of stock, the closest size up will be provided. All videos submitted directly to Turn become property of Turn Gymnastics Apparel, LLC and can be used by Turn for all marketing purposes there after.

The Prize:

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  • Posted by Felipe Guevara on January 20, 2021

    Hi, I made the 100 double leg circles. I would like to get in the club:

    YouTube: https://youtu.be/-KLg0PA4COg

    Instagram: @felipeguevaramendez



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