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Gymnast Spotlight: Syque Caesar (Part 2)

Posted: Jul 27 2014

Syque Caesar (Bangladesh) had a chance to update us on his trip to Glasgow for the 20th Commonwealth Games on the eve of the Men's Team Final and Individual Qualification.

Part 2: Pre-Meet

Turn: So how has Glasgow been so far? How was the opening ceremony?

Syque: My experience so far in Glasgow has been great. The Athletes’ Village is amazing and provides all the resources needed for athletes during their down time outside of training and competition. So far, I’ve only been in the Village and at the training venue; later today we will have our podium training at the SSE Hydro Arena where the competition will be held. It’s also interesting to note that the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships will be held here as well. The opening ceremony was awesome. The stadium was absolutely packed and the energy was electric. There really is no other comparison to marching out at an opening ceremony during a large sporting event like this.

Turn: We know athletes like to focus on their own training, but did you notice any up and coming gymnasts we may want to look out for?

Syque: The team from England is obviously very strong and will be sure to impress. Additionally, the teams from Scotland, Canada, and Australia are also going to be fun to watch. Individually, @FrankBaines from Scotland, @NileMW from England, and Ashish Kumar from India will be some of the gymnasts to look out for.

Turn: As competition day approaches, how do you feel? Any special rituals you like to do before the competitions?

Syque: I feel pretty good so far as the first day of competition starts tomorrow. Practices thus far in Glasgow have been going really well and I just want to be as consistent as possible when I start competing. We get to have our first practice in the SSE Hydro Arena on the actual equipment today, so it’ll be a good day to really get used to the podium, the atmosphere, and the equipment before competing. In terms of rituals, I like to make sure to have a good breakfast and try to stay as loose as possible without thinking too much about the competition. I like to visualize my routines in front of a mirror before arriving at the competition venue and I always listen to music before warming up to both get excited and stay calm for the meet. Other than that, I try to keep a light and positive attitude by making jokes and laughing to stay loose.

We look forward to catching up once more after the competition for the third and final part of our Gymnast Spotlight with Syque. Best of luck to him and all the competitors! We are certain this will be a great and exciting competition to watch. To follow the Team Final & Qualification on Monday click here.

- Team Turn

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