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  • WX Academy Logo Tee - Black
  • WX Academy Logo Tee - Black
  • WX Academy Logo Tee - Black
  • WX Academy Logo Tee - Black


WX Academy Logo Tee - Black

$ 35.00




Get ready to attack your training and blast through sets! In collaboration with TURN Titan Rubén López, we bring you this ultra cool, mega comfortable training tee featuring WX Academy branding.

WX Academy shirt is 100% recycled polyester. Fully sublimated.

As a special treat, this item ships free worldwide! *Free shipping does not extend to other items added to your order.

The WX Academy is a learning platform that guides athletes and coaches around the world as they endeavor to train gymnastics and calisthenics. This platform supports enthusiasts and elite trainees alike. Experience +2,500 progression videos for gymnastics skills, +300 conditioning exercises, with new skills and progressions updated every month.

Visit wx-academy.com and start your free trial.

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