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Posted: Mar 12 2019

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. March 12th, 2019. We are proud to announce the launch of a new "sister brand" called Erin Gymnastics Apparel (ERIN) that focuses specifically on the female half of our awesome sport of gymnastics.

Since launching our business at the London 2012 Olympic Games, we've received several requests to outfit women's teams, something which we've always vehemently stated would never happen; TURN will always be for men's gymnastics only!

To ensure we remain true to our word, we've expanded our team and reorganized the business to become TURN | ERIN Gymnastics Apparel - a "brother-sister" company (see global surf brand Quicksilver/Roxy who we may have borrowed the idea from!). Both brands will operate independently of one another but will feed off and share information and resources to create a stronger more resilient company.

So who is Erin?

Both brand names are a shout out to Germany; the “Fatherland” of modern gymnastics. German educator Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852) is hailed by many as the Father of Modern Gymnastics, inventing many of the apparatus we still use to this day. The German word for gymnastics is TURNEN, and why we called our brand TURN. In searching for a name for our women's brand we kept this train of thought going, using the German word for a female gymnast, TURNERIN, so remove TURN, and you're left with ERIN. We thought that was pretty neat!

ERIN has already made its competition debut, being worn by NCAA powerhouse, the University of California, Berkeley, on January 24th in their win against Bay Area rivals Stanford.

The ERIN website is now live so check it out, and make sure to follow them on facebook and instagram!


If you'd like more information on this topic please visit erin-gymnastics.com or contact the team at ERIN by emailing info@erin-gymnastics.com

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