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Team Feature: Argentina with Federico Molinari

Posted: Jun 11 2015

Argentina will also move to the "Trofa" design which sees the design wrap around the back creating a distinctly Argentine hooped pattern. The albiceleste was the first nation to wear Turn competition apparel back at London's Olympic Games in 2012 and three years on the country continues to progress as a team. Argentina gets a nod to the future with a minimalist modern pattern on the central white hoop, as Buenos Aires prepares to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.

We caught up with Federico Molinari, Argentina's first gymnastics star after not only being his country's first ever gymnastics representative at an Olympic Games, but going on to make the extremely contested rings final:

Top 3 Results:


  • 2012 Rings Finallist (Olympic Games)
  • 2012 Rings Champion (Pan-Am Championships)
  • 2015 Rings Champion (Anadia World Cup)


Turn: What are the goals for the Pan-Am Games, both as a team and as an individual?

FM: As a team our goal is to finish in a better position than we did back in Guadalajara 2014 where we finished 8th. My individual goal is to get a medal on rings.

Turn: How are preparations going?

FM: My training is going well and hopefully we all make it to Toronto fit and healthy. We have the South American Championships in a couple of weeks which will be used as preparation for Toronto.

Turn: Once your competition in Toronto is over, are you looking forward to watching any of the other 35 sports?

FM: I love track and field and if the best athletes from USA and Canada are there I really would like to go and watch some of the races!

Turn: If the FIG and your government gave you $2,000,000 to improve the level of gymnastics in your country, how would you spend it?

FM: We should spend it on new gymnastics equipment. As a country we only have 2 training centers with facilities good enough for high level gymnastics, in a country our size, we should have around 10 in strategic locations which would really improve the level and quantity of gymnasts to choose our national teams from.


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